Monday, February 1, 2016


Backpacker accommodation with information about regions and businesses.
Offering good prices for good basic accommodation: backpacker stay, backpacker villa, backpacker tour, backpacker beach house at a budget price for on sumatera west
BACKPACKER STAY: Yani backpacker stay, Green backpacker stay, Grace backpacker stay, Adi surfcamp Padang backpacker stay, Bad and Arrow backpacker stay, Bunda Stay Padang
VILLA BACKPACKER STAY: Puncak Air Manis Villa, Lorent La Villa, La Villa Sofia
BACKPACKER TOUR: Traveling Tour, Padang Tour, Bukitting Tour, Trekking Siberut Tours Backpacker Holiday, Kerinci Trekking , Padang Island and Island Around
BEACH HOUSES: Rimba Ecolodge, Ricky’s Beach